Parasailing Fort Lauderdale

We'd like to show you the beautiful coastline of Fort Lauderdale. Personal attention and eye for detail are our trademark. We will go a long way to give you an adventure of your lifetime....Take off and land from a parasail boat flight deck, it is safe and easy. Also choose to be dipped in the water (optional). This excursion is suited for families, couples, teens...everybody!


You will be on the boat ride for between 1 to 2 hours, and in the air for 7-10 minutes for a single ride 10-15 minutes for a tandem. The boat will accommodate a total of 12 passengers. 10:00am - 6:00pm: Seven days a week. (times may vary, weather permitting).

Free pick up service available at selected location, call us for more info 1 (954) 6896607.

Are you flying solo or tandem? CLICK HERE TO BOOK.


Children must be 5 and over and accompanied by an adult. Children 8 and under must fly with an responsible older companion. For minor to fly we must have a signature of a parent or legal guardian on the liability waiver. 

Weight restrictions

Minimum weight is 120LBS for a single flyer, maximum weight is 550LBS combined weight. Weight parameters may change at time of ride due to changing weather and ocean conditions. Parasail Captain will make decision at time of ride.


We offer great photo packages to ensure that you can record your memories spent with splash Watersports. Please ask for further details. 

Prices for parasailing

The price is $85 per person BOOK NOW!!

$35 for passenger on the boat. (Promotional prices may vary and are subject to change. Please call for more details).

Cash, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. (Cards may be subject to a small charge in conjunction with promotions).


Flights depend entirely on the weather. Must be dry with wind speeds of anywhere between 0 mph and 20 mph. Seas must be flat to 5 feet. 

We are open...

10:00am - 6:00pm: Seven days a week. (times may vary, weather permitting).